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Currently specializing in the Suzuki V-strom. Manufacturing and selling after market protection for your Adventure/Dual sport.  We offer Skid plates/bash plates, Radiator guards, Oil cooler guards, HWY pegs, lift kits, Etc.  Also developing and expanding our product line to include other Adventure/Dual sport Motorcycles.


Everything is in stock, so get your orders in now!

The New DL1000 2014 and Newer skid plate is in stock.

We also have the New Radiator guard for the New Dl1000 in stock.

Our special is on the stainless radiator guard for 2011 and older DL650.

50% off on the stainless rad guard.

Take adventage of the Price break!

If you take advantage of the package deals, you save on shipping and you get the upgrade hardware for free.

 Check out the new product. On Sale, Kick Stand Switch Guard. And the New Radiator guard for the DL1000 (2014 and newer) Finally here and so are the new steel skid plate for the DL1000 2014 & newer. The Switch guard fits the old skid plate and the new one that is out now. Not sure on the 2014 Dl1000 yet. Check out the install video for more info. Everything else is in stock. Get your bike ready.  Remember that all EnduroGuardian products are guaranteed for life.

To My Customers Here is some Important Info

Recommendation for shipping:  UPS Ground for U.S. (You get a tracking #),

USPS priority mail for International (best price & tracking #)

If you use Parcel post  (no tracking #) and UPS is cheaper for packages over 5lbs.

**** Crash bar fit (brand) **** 

The skid plate(bash plate) will fit only certain crash bars! (call or email for confirmation)

If you have the New Dl1000 2014 & newer,  the  upgrade will fit the OEM, the GIVI and the SW-Motech crash bars.  It might fit other bikes, just not tested as of yet.

 If you want to use the UpGrade hardware, I recommend the Givi Crash bars for older V-stroms (DL650, DL1000 2011 & older)

    If you want to use the UpGrade hadware on the New 2012, I recommend the Givi, or OEM Crash bars for 2012 ADV V-stroms (DL650 ADV 2012)

2011 & older crash bars that will not work: Hepco Becker, Pat walsh.

2012 (adventure model) crash bars that will not work : Hepco Becker, Pat walsh, SW-motech crash bars that are designed and made by SW-motech (it's their own design). The SW-motech design is different than the OEM (designed by Suzuki and made by SW-motech).  They are both made by SW-motech but they are different in design.  Yes, there are two SW-motech crash bars being manufactured, one for Suzuki(OEM) and the other for SW-motech them selves. One designed by Suzuki (OEM)(GREAT FIT),The other designed by SW-motech and made by SW-motech and not sure on the fit.  Call if confused.

2011 & older that will work: Givi, SW-motech,

AltRider (Altrider will require you to find bigger U-bolts( 1 1/8") their tubes are bigger. You could bend the Ubolt if needed.

2012 (ADV model) that will work: Givi, OEM crash bars, Happy trails, and Moose Racing crash bars(Happy Trail).



This is all a lot of info, hope it helps.  Thank you for your support.

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