Lift kit for the V-strom
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This is a lift kit for the Dl650 and the DL1000.

It will lift the rear of your bike 1+".

The Dog bones are made of 1/4" stainless steel.

Under standing of a lift.

What you have to understand, is when you look at the bike from the side, that is not your true clearance.

once you load your panniers and sit on the bike, your bike has just dropped about 2 to 3 inches in the rear.

So by lifting the rear 1 inch, you get an inch of clearance that you didn't have before.

The lift will not affect your riding at all.  You won't even notice a difference.

It won't affect the lenght of your chain.  But it will lift the rear and your bike will lean over more on your kick stand.

most people either buy an adjustable kick stand or install some kind of padle under the kick stand to hold the bike more upright.

center stands should still work.  Mine on my bike is and OEM center stand and works fine.  some other center stand brands may not jack the bike up enough. (they might be shorter)

chances are, you won't be able to free spin your rear wheel on the center stand if you don't modify it after the lift.


Any questions, just call.



  • Item #: STROM-LIFT
  • Manufacturer: Enduro Guardian

Lift kit for the V-strom

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