DL1000 2014 & newer Aluminum skid plate package
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 This package has everything you need to install the skid plate. Bracket and hardware are included.  We do recommend the upgrade hardware. ( Aluminum skid plates and steel Brackets come with standard hardware)

This is a skid plate designed to protect the belly of the V-stroms. Accessories like the HWY pegs can be added for extra comfort.

This skid plate is for the 2014 and Newer DL1000 only.

This skid plate will fit OEM crash bars(upgrade hardware works well with the OEM crash bars), SW-motech crash bars also work with the skid plate, and GIVI crash bars are a tight fit and may require some custom fitting(drilling two holes in the crash bars and bolting it together)(you would have to provide your own bolts). So you might not want the GIVI crash bars.  Other brands might work, they have not been tested.  TouraTech crash bars will not work.

The Switch guard will not work on the DL1000 2014 and newer skid plates.  Some have made it work, but you would have to supply your own hardware to make it work.  And if you do, the alignment is not perfect. FYI.

It is made of 3/16" Aluminum and powder coated black.  Tig Welded on both sides by hand. (inside and outside) then ground to contour on out side.

The Skid plate weights 7.6 lbs

The bracket Weights almost 3 lbs.

The bracket and hardware comes with U-bolts for the front install.  That is standard with all kits. Grind the U-bolts down once installed.  Don't let them stick out too much, If you bottom out the suspension,the front fender can get caught above the U-bolts.  Not a good thing.  Again, we recommend the upgrade hardware.

You have the option of using the Up-grade hardware for a flush look on the front and it is safer.

Yes, you can jack the bike up.  yes, the skid plate will hold up the weight of the bike.

And Yes, you have to take the skid plate off to do a filter/oil change.

I did not incorporate a drain hole, because they don't work.  Before you ever get that bolt/plug out, oil will spew every where.  Then you end up having to clean up an oily mess in the skid plate.  Plus, any holes on the bottom will allow objects to get in and sticks to poke through.  So I chose to not have any holes.  I want the skid plate to slide accross foreign objects with out catching.

 Yes, you will need crash bars to mount the front of the skid plate.

Yes, all center stands will work with the skid plate.


Check out the YOU TUBE Video, it will answer a lot of your questions.



 If you have more questions, call us up and we will help you the best we can.


thank you.

  • Item #: Dl1000 Alum skid 14&new + Brk
  • Manufacturer: Enduro Guardian

DL1000 2014 & newer Aluminum skid plate package

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