Hardware Updgrade Kit - (Flush install for front of Skid Plate)
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 The Up grade hardware is for people who want a nice flush look on the front.  It is recommanded that if you use the standard U-bolts that are provided, That you grind them down some so they don't stick out so much.  The U-bolts provided are the shortest ones we could find on the market for a 1" pipe. The U-bolts still stick out on the front.  Some people don't like that.

SO, we offer the Up-grade hardware.  It is 4 X 5/16" stainless pan head bolts with 4 stainless washers that screw into two  3/8" steel machined blocks that are powder coated black.

The adventages to the Up-grade:

You get a flush look on the front. They allow you easier mounting and dismounting when doing oil and filter changes.  All you have to do is loosen the top two bolts, unscrew completely the two bottom bolts, and unhook the skid plate from the crash bar (assuming you took out the two bolts in the rear of the skid plate).  When done with your maintenance, just hook the skid plate back on the crash bar and swing the rear of the skid plate back up, put the two bolts back in in the rear and install the two front bolts back in and tighten every thing down.  Check out the YouTube video bellow to see.


The Disadventages to the Up-grade:

You need a set of crash bar that gives you the room between the skid plate/crash bar and the engine head.

Givi crash bars and the OEM crash bars  and I bieleve the Happy trails crash bar give you enough room for the upgrade hardware.

SW-motech, Hepco becker, Altrider, Etc don't give you enough room for the up_grade hardware.  So you have to use the stock mounting hardware (U-bolts). 


You are responsable for measuring the distence between your crash bar and the engine.  If you have at least 3/4" + between your crash bar and your engine, then you should have plenty of room for the up-grade hardware.  i recommend that if you are going to order a set of crash bars online, Google for pictures of the crash bar and find a side angle shot to see how much room their is.



Thank you.

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  • Item #: STROM-UP
  • Manufacturer: Enduro Guardian

Hardware Updgrade Kit - (Flush install for front of Skid Plate)

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