Kick Stand Switch Guard
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This guard is to protect your kick stand switch on your V-strom. 

This Switch guard will not work on The DL1000 2014 and newer.

This is to save your bike from braking down on the side of the road from a rock either hiting the switch or if your bike falls, and a rock hits that switch, you might cut the wires or just destroy the switch.  According to feedback from several customers, it hs happened and I have been asked to design this guard for a while now.

It will work on all the V-strom no mater what year you own.

You do have to have the Enduro Guardian skid plate.  Old model or new, this guard will work.

If you have the new skid plate that I'm coming out with here in June of 2013, then it's just a bolt on process.

If you have the old skid plate, then all you need to do is drill a hole for a 3/8 th bolts. I show all that on my YouTube Video.

 This guard is powder coated black and is made of 11 gage Steel.

Parts provided:

Two stainless 3/8 -16 X 3/4"  and two stainless Nylock nuts.

Three stainless 1" washers for the front and one on the bottom in the rear.

And one 1 1/4" stainless washer for the inside top (this is for the people who have the old skid plate to put behind the slot_


Shipping:  if you order it by it self, I recommend the Prepaid priority small box.


For the install, please check out my YouTube Video below.


Any questions, call (541)912-1205(541)912-1205


  • Item #: YD-13-SP-003
  • Manufacturer: Enduro Guardian
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: K-Guard

Kick Stand Switch Guard

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