Stainless Radiator Guard for the DL650      04-2011 models
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Stainless Radiator Guard for DL650     04-2011 models only (mirror finish stainless)


This is a stainless steel radiator guard that has a Mirror finish.

If you don't protect your radiator from bugs, rocks, road debrie, your cooling fins on your radiator will eventually be bent and it will afect the cooling process.  The radiator guard has been tested in all conditions.  It will not affect the cooling of your radiator.  I have tested the radiator guard in 100+ temperture while riding off road all day.  Fan never even came on.  It's also easier to clean bugs off the radiator guard then it is on the radiator it self.

The install is simple.  You use the two allen head bolts that are on both sides of your radiator.  The two bolts hold your fairing to your radiator.  take the two bolts out, slide the radiator guard in between the fairing and the raidiator on both sides and put your bolts back in.  Done.  Watch out for the two rubber gromets.  Pull the fairing out away from the radiator when sliding the guard in place.

2 minute install.


Stainless Steel radiator guard

  • Item #: STROM-rad-ss-04-11
  • Manufacturer: Enduro Guardian

Stainless Radiator Guard for the DL650 04-2011 models

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